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Government Of Saskatchewan Jobs

Are you interested in Government Of Saskatchewan Jobs? The Government of Saskatchewan has interesting job opportunities for people who want to work full-time, Non-Permanent, Executive Opportunities, Seasonal/Labour Service, and part-time. The government is hiring individuals in different fields such as health care, law, education, finance, and others. If you are interested to get a career in the government of Saskatchewan.

If you’re looking for government jobs in Saskatchewan, Canada, you’ve come to the right place. makes finding and applying for government jobs simple by guiding you through the process and recommending that you apply online.

Government Of Saskatchewan Jobs Available to the Public

The designated audience for the work available below includes both inner employees and participants of the public. For most SGEU (PS/GE) as well as CUPE placements; nonetheless, there is an obligation under the arrangements of the collective bargaining contracts to think about all inner prospects before thinking about members of the general public.

1. What are the Permanent( Full Time ) jobs available

If you are looking permanent or full-time job in the Government of Saskatchewan jobs?
Long-term (permanent) employment is an employment partnership where a specific benefit a company as well as obtains payment straight from them. This sort of employment arrangement does not include a collection end day. An irreversible staff member might deal with a part-time or full-time basis, which the Bureau of Labor Data identifies as workers that function 35 or more hrs weekly. Irreversible workers commonly obtain advantages plans through their employers, though those benefits may vary based upon their standing as complete- or part-time employees. Jobs opportunities in the Saskatchewan Public Service. Urgently free recruiting following jobs are:

  1. Accounting Clerk
  2. Probation Officer / Community Youth Worker
  3. Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Consultant
  4. Senior Programmer Analyst
  5. Accounts Receivable Collection Clerk
  6. Director, IT Portfolio Planning Implementation
  7. Senior Analyst, Resource Economics and Policy
  8. Equipment Operator
  9. Assistant Deputy Minister
  10. Data Analyst
  11. Executive Coordinator
  12. Financial Analyst
  13. Park Maintenance Worker
  14. Administrative Coordinator
  15. Conservation Specialist
  16. Reintegration Coordinator
  17. Senior Executive Coordinator
  18. Aircraft Maintenance Manager
  19. Facility Service Worker
  20. Nurse
  21. Regional Director
  22. Information Management Consultant
  23. Occupational Hygienist
  24. Journeyperson Heavy Duty Mechanic
  25. Building Operator
  26. Agriculture Program Specialist
  27. Director of Business Improvements
  28. Manager of Correctional Operations
  29. Office Coordinator
  30. Outside Maintenance Supervisor
  31. Children’s Services Worker
  32. Crown Prosecutor
  33. Facility Service Worker
  34. Professional Standards and Accreditation Manager
  35. Senior Internal Auditor
  36. Assistant Deputy Director of Operations
  37. Child Protection Worker
  38. Early Learning & Child Care Consultant
  39. Manager, CVA Fleet Operations and Vehicle Acquisition and Disposal
  40. OPPI Consultant
S.N. Job Title Location Action
1 Accounting Clerk SK-Regina Click And Apply
2 Probation Officer North East-Nipawin Click And Apply
3 Trade Certification Consultant SK-Saskatoon Click And Apply
4 Director of Business Improvements SK-Regina Click And Apply
5 Office Coordinator NW-Lloydminster Click And Apply
6 Outside Maintenance Supervisor Prince Albert Click And Apply
7 Child Protection Worker North Battleford Click And Apply
8 Facility Service Worker SK-Moose Jaw Click And Apply
9 Senior Internal Auditor SK-Regina Click And Apply

2. What are the Permanent( Part-Time ) jobs available

If you are looking permanent or part-time job in the Government of Saskatchewan jobs? Jobs opportunities in the Saskatchewan Public Service. Long-term (Permanent) part-time employees are those that function ongoing and routine hours, however not as numerous hrs as a permanent employee does. The terms and conditions that are connected to part-time jobs are constantly defined by industrial tools as well as include pro-rata privileges, the spread of part-time hours, as well as the privileges surrounding overtime. Urgently free recruiting following jobs are:

  1. Postal Clerk
  2. Correctional Officer
  3. Administrative Support
  4. Emergency Duty Worker
  5. Correctional Officer
  6. Saskatchewan Hospital Mental Health Correctional Officer
  7. Parental Care Worker
  8. Facility Youth Worker
  9. Heating and Power Plant Engineer, 3rd Class
  10. Heating and Power Plant Engineer

Free recruiting processing of Permanent( Part-Time ) following bellow learn more:-

S.N. Job Title Action
1 Postal Clerk Click & Apply
2 Correctional Officer Click & Apply
3 Administrative Support Click & Apply
4 Emergency Duty Worker Click & Apply
5 Correctional Officer Click & Apply
6 Saskatchewan Hospital Mental Health Correctional Officer Click & Apply
7 Parental Care Worker Click & Apply
8 Facility Youth Worker Click & Apply
9 Heating and Power Plant Engineer Click & Apply

3. What are the Non-Permanent jobs available

If you are looking non-permanent job in the Government of Saskatchewan jobs? Non-permanent employment can extensively be specified as all employment which is not based upon an open-ended and continuous employment contract, but which is limited in time – the main types being employment on fixed-term contracts, temporary agency jobs,s and also laid-back or seasonal jobs. Jobs opportunities in the Saskatchewan Public Service. Urgently free recruiting following jobs are:

  1. Child & Caregiver Support Worker
  2. Director, Skills Training
  3. Administrative Support
  4. Information Management Specialist
  5. Administrative Support
  6. Facility Service Worker
  7. Administrative Assistant
  8. Policy Analyst
  9. Customer Service Representative
  10. Income Assistance Worker
  11. Occupational Therapist
  12. Procurement Business Partner

Free recruiting processing of Non-Permanent following bellow learn more:-

S.N. Job Title Action
1 Child & Caregiver Support Worker View & Apply
2 Director, Skills Training View & Apply
3 Information Management Specialist View & Apply
4 Administrative Support View & Apply
5 Facility Service Worker View & Apply
6 Policy Analyst View & Apply
7 Customer Service Representative View & Apply
8 Income Assistance Worker View & Apply
9 Income Assistance Worker View & Apply
10 Senior Configuration Analyst View & Apply
11 Park Administrative Supervisor View & Apply
12 Project Supervisor View & Apply
13 Acting Director, Technical Services View & Apply
14 Community Program Manager View & Apply
15 Digital Content Strategist View & Apply

4. What are the Executive Opportunities jobs available

If you are looking for executive opportunities job in the Government of Saskatchewan jobs? Jobs opportunities in the Saskatchewan Public Service. Urgently free recruiting following jobs are:

  1. Assistant Deputy Minister
    Saskatchewan has constantly been a province of wealth as well as possibility. The economic climate depends upon Saskatchewan’s combination of natural deposits and strong human funding. The province’s economic climate is anticipated to expand, as the result of the pandemic convenience over time. Saskatchewan’s economic situation has actually made out better than many with this wellness dilemma, with proceeded high levels of employment, and development in real estate begins, wholesale trade, as well as international exports. (Apply Now).
  2. Executive Director, Provincial Capital Commission

Saskatchewan has frequently been a province of riches as well as opportunity. The financial environment relies on Saskatchewan’s mix of natural deposits and also solid human funding. The district’s financial environment is anticipated to increase, as the outcome of the pandemic comfort in time. Saskatchewan’s economic circumstance has really constructed much better than numerous with this wellness predicament, with proceeded high levels of employment, and growth in realty starts, wholesale trade, as well as international exports. (Apply Now)

5. What are the Seasonal/Labour Service jobs available

If you are looking for executive opportunities job in the Government of Saskatchewan jobs? Work Service settings function seasonally. Long-term Labour Service placements go through seasonal layoff as well as recall. Jobs opportunities in the Saskatchewan Public Service. Urgently free recruiting following jobs are:

S.N. Job Title Action
1 Park Maintenance Worker View & Apply
2 Aquatic Supervisor View & Apply
3 Park Maintenance Worker View & Apply
4 Park Interpreter View & Apply

6. Some of  Job Opportunities 2022

Legislative Assembly Solution of Saskatchewan

Executive as well as Administrative Services Planner – Political Elections Saskatchewan

The position supplies executive administrative support to the Chief Electoral Officer and the organization’s exec monitoring group while additionally supplying general workplace management for Elections Saskatchewan including office purchasing, centers monitoring, and also supervision of reception. Learn more about the jobs.

Opportunities are available at the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority 2022.

Employees relocating from Executive Federal government to an additional Company, Board, or Compensation covered by the PS/GE Collective Bargaining Arrangement, or the other way around, are advised to inquire about the transfer of benefits as well as entitlements prior to approving a position with the various other company.

S.N. Job Title Action
1 Legal Counsel View And Apply
2 Legal Assistant View And Apply

Job Conclusion

​​​​​​Government Of Saskatchewan Jobs is that a rigorous demand for “Canadian experience” is discriminatory on its face as well as can only be used in minimal conditions. The onus will certainly get on employers as well as regulative bodies to show that demand for previous work experience in Canada is a bona fide requirement, based upon the legal examination set out in this policy. Employment, as well as accreditation requirements, must be clear, reasonable, genuine, and straight pertaining to performing the task.

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