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Vineyard Worker

An LMIA Vineyard Worker in Port Perry is in charge of a number of duties linked to growing grapes, caring for the vineyard, and making wine. They add to the overall grape quality and help with the vineyard’s daily operations. Depending on the employer and the time of year, exact work responsibilities may vary, but typically include:

  • pruning grapevines to promote healthy development and fruit yield.
  • grapevine planting, staking, and training.
  • Observing and evaluating vine health, spotting pests and diseases, and putting effective preventative measures in place.
  • helping with irrigation tasks including maintaining irrigation systems and regulating water levels.
  • obtaining grapes that are mature enough to be harvested.
  • processing and sorting the gathered grapes.
  • Using and maintaining machinery for vineyards, such as tractors and pruning equipment.
  • taking part in trellis repair and maintenance as well as vineyard infrastructure maintenance.
  • observing safety procedures and keeping the workplace tidy and organized.
  • assisting, if necessary, with winemaking activities including fermentation and grape crushing.


An employee in a vineyard could be responsible for:

  • working physically demanding jobs in a variety of weather situations.
  • following safety rules and vineyard management procedures.
  • maintaining work schedules and accomplishing production goals.
  • keeping precise records of work operations and harvests.
  • reporting to superiors any problems with the vineyard, equipment, or any safety risks.
  • taking part in training initiatives and maintaining current vineyard best practices.
  • assisting as needed with duties outside of vineyard work.

Job Details:

  • Employer Name: Ocala Winery&Orchard
  • Job Location: Port Perry, ON
  • Salary: CAD16.50 to CAD20.00 Per Hour
  • Job Position: Vineyard worker
  • Job Type: Full Time, Permanent, Part-Time, 40-60 hours per week
  • Job Category: Farm Worker
  • Send Your coverletter:
  • Opening: 6


Although the precise needs of a vineyard worker can change, they often include:

  • Physical stamina: The capacity to carry out strenuous activities and put in long shifts.
  • Experience in farming: It would be preferred if you have previously worked in a vineyard or other comparable agricultural setting.
  • Understanding of vineyard techniques: knowledge of vineyard work, such as trellising, pruning, and pest management.
  • The ability to recognize and handle grapes at the proper stage of ripeness requires attention to detail.
  • Flexibility: Willingness to put in varying hours, even on the weekends and during holidays, depending on the season.
  • Working well in a team: the capacity to collaborate and get along with other vineyard employees.
  • Valid driver’s license: To operate vineyard vehicles and equipment, you may need a valid driver’s license.
  • Flexibility: The capacity to adjust to shifting environmental factors and vineyard priorities.
Salary and Perks per Hour:

The pay for an LMIA Vineyard Worker in Port Perry can change depending on the employer’s requirements, experience, and credentials. I don’t have access to current wage information because I’m an AI language model. However, depending on the region, farm size, and production, wages for agricultural employees in Canada can range from minimum wage to higher hourly rates.

Depending on the employer, perks or rewards for vineyard workers may differ. Typical benefits that might be provided include:

  • Housing: A farm may offer housing or other accommodations.
  • Meals: Some wineries might provide meals or food stipends.
  • Vacation days or paid time off at off-peak times.
  • Opportunities for training and skill development in equipment operation and vineyard operations are available.
  • Transportation: Use of vineyard cars for work-related or commuter purposes.
  • Bonus possibility: Incentive plans or profit-sharing agreements.

Please be aware that the specific pay scale and benefits offered to LMIA Vineyard Workers in Port Perry may differ. It is advised to browse nearby job listings or get in touch with possible companies to get the most precise and recent information.

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