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Prabhjot Singh

General Service Manager(Sodexo Singapore Pte. Ltd) with over 13 years experience in HVAC(Project & Maintenance)
General Service Manager(Sodexo Singapore Pte. Ltd) with over 13 years experience in HVAC(Project & Maintenance)
  • SINGAPORE, Singapore
  • March 16, 2024

ith over 13 years of experience in HVAC engineering and construction management, I am a passionate and skilled professional who strives to deliver high-quality and sustainable solutions for the built environment. As a GSM at Sodexo Singapore, I lead and support a team of engineers and technicians to design, install, maintain, and troubleshoot M&E (HVAC, Fire system, HT/LT, Security system etc. & soft services) for various clients, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and customer satisfaction.

In my current role, I also apply my technical expertise and knowledge to manage and monitor tendering, procurement, A&A works, and maintenance schedules, as well as to innovate and improve the HVAC system design and delivery within budget and time constraints. I have successfully completed several projects involving air-cooled VRV, water-cooled HVAC, smoke control, building management, and data center systems, demonstrating my proficiency in various HVAC equipment and technologies. I have also developed strong communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, enabling me to work effectively with internal and external stakeholders, as well as to mentor and empower my team members. Additionally, managing Finance ( Budget ,Savings etc. )for the existing Site Account.

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Mechanical Engineering @ Punjab Engineering College ,Chandigarh (India)
Jul 2000 — Jun 2004

Punjab Engineering College (abbreviated PEC or PEC Chandigarh) is one of the pioneer public research & technical institution in Chandigarh. It was founded in 1921 in Lahore, established in Chandigarh in 1953, and focuses on the field of applied sciences, particularly engineering and technology.
It offers degrees such as Bachelor of Technology, Master of Technology, and a few others. It also has a comprehensive graduate program offering doctoral degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

I pursued B Tech(Bachelor of Engineering & Technology 2000-2004 Batch) from this esteemed institution which is a 4 year regular course .I passed out in 2004 with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering.


General Service Manager (Site Lead) @ Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd
Oct 2016 — Current

 Manage Hard & Soft service Teams for all stake holders
 Review Assets and facilitates to operate efficiently and effectively by reviewing their operation requirement with reference to the client’s core business
 Review monthly report, trend analysis on utilities & other facilities usage, RM, CM, PM customer satisfaction, vendor performance etc and present evaluation and mitigation to client.
 Using performance management techniques to monitor and demonstrate achievement of agreed Service levels and to lead on improvement.
 Prepare Tender specifications for maintenance, renovation and refurbishment projects and conduct site show.
 Responding appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise and dealing with the consequences.
 Maintaining, coordinating and planning essential M & E services such as Airconditioning, Ventilation, BMS, Fire system, Boiler, HT/LT, Precision Chiller, Cooling Tower, CCTV, Air Compressor and Door Access.
 Project management, supervising and coordinating the work of contractors.
 Managing Soft services, inclusive of Pest Control, House Keeping, Security, Food Services, Waste management, Landscaping etc.
 Major Project Undertaken :
• Planning, analysing & execution of Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Ventilation Fans, Inline Pumps, VSDs replacement works supporting to ACMV system.
• Retrofitting of Sprinkler system as per change in design of building works.
• Execution of other building & sanitary works as per users requirement.
• Upgrading of Building Management System.
• Chiller (108 Kw X 3 Nos)and Boiler replacement
 Plan shutdown for HT/LT Annual servicing, ACMV & Fire system maintenance works.
 Work on the SOPs related to various Facilities.
 Evaluating quotations / tenders that includes juxtaposing price, technical specifications & commercial declaration by participated contractors.

ACMV Engineer @ Keppel FMO Pte Ltd (Name Changed to Cofely FMO), Singapore
Sep 2013 — Dec 2015

 Maintain and perform repair on all refrigeration equipments and perform troubleshoot on all HVAC equipments and perform repairs all coolers.
 Manage all metal duct components and install all HVAC systems and monitor all provide resolutions for all emergency alarm in systems and perform repair to all ventilating and air conditioning units.
 Manage all data center applications and operate various centrifugal chillers (1100 RT x 4 Nos) and install and oversee all maintenance activities for various technicians.
 Operate, Maintain & perform repair on Engineered Smoke Control System & Building Management System (BMS)
 Design and provide enhancements to all conservation programs for electricity and natural gas and assist to plant instrument and perform troubleshoot on equipments and ensure compliance to all Greenmark regulations.
 Monitor all resources and ensure optimal utilization for same and achieve all customer objectives and provide support to all equipments and perform calculations and implement various plans for HVAC.
 Evaluate all approval systems for new and revised maintenance jobs and monitor all work instructions and maintain all deliverables for projects to maintain optimal qualities within required timeframe and coordinate with stakeholders to analyze all project requirements.
 Perform the trouble shooting, diagnose the cause of defect, analyse the costing involve, raise up the Condition Reports / Work Request along with the costing for further approvals.
 Perform audit on all HVAC system and collect data and perform periodic evaluation and monitor all log books and manage all change processes and resolve all issues.
 Collaborate with stakeholders to perform regular audit and ensure compliance to all corporate regulations and assist to design an efficient HVAC system and adhere to all architectural requirements
 Analyze all load programs and perform required calculations on same and manage all electrical requirements for HVAC equipments and recommend improvements.

M & E Engineer @ Concord Corporation Pte Ltd, Singapore
Dec 2012 — Aug 2013

 Consult with Clients about the ACMV, Fire system, Comms & Electrical Projects for SMRT(Metro Rails)
 Approve all the drawings (Equipment Layout, Routing etc.) & Material prior to the job execution.
 Analyse the entire project and propose the Bar Charts & Time Schedule to the client for evaluating the job progress & timely completion of the jobs
 Apply all the permits (Permit To Work) in advance related to the job execution considering the criticalities of the particular areas.
 Submit the progress claims as the job proceeds.
 Recalculate costs & make the variation orders if the design or materials change.
 Certify the progress claims from the subcontractors.
 Manage the payments for subcontractors and suppliers.
 Prepare a statement of final account recording the actual costs of the project.

Quantity Surveyor @ Leong Hum Engineering Pte Ltd, Singapore
Jul 2011 — Nov 2012

 Consult with Clients, Architects, and Main Contractor about the Air conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Projects.
 Study Architect’s and Engineer’s building plans
 Measure and Estimate various ACMV material costs for projects
 Prepare reports about ACMV Project costs for clients.
 Project Execution for Residential (Condominium) & Commercial Building
 Administer the tendering process for subcontractors.
 Recalculate costs & make the variation orders if the design or materials change.
 Certify the progress claims from the subcontractors.
 Manage the payments for subcontractors and suppliers.
 Prepare a statement of final account recording the actual costs of the project.
 Offer services in value management, comparing building costs to similar Designs.
 Offering clients financial advice and estimation services for setting up ACMV Contracts. They may also be involved in mediation and arbitration between parties about ACMV contracts.
 Enquire quotations for ACMV Equipments and sub contract works. Preparation of Bill of Quantities for ACMV Tenders
 Study Tender Drawings and specifications to ensure quotations comply according to the requirement.
 Cost negotiation with the vendors and subcontractors. Preparation of Purchase Orders for equipments and sub contract works.

Proprietor (Authorised Sales and Service Dealer of HITACHI & LG Electronics - CAC) @ Recold Corporation, Chandigarh (Areas Catering – All over North India)
Apr 2009 — Sep 2011

 Steering execution of the all type of commercial Air-conditioning Projects all across North India.
 Providing consultations for the specific requirements of the site.
 Interacting with the Cudstomers & Architects for discussing the requirements
 Leading installation and commissioning of Package, Cassette, Ductable, VRV, VRF Air Cooled & Water Cooled Air Conditioning Units.
 Providing after sale services of the Air Conditioning Units and Out Of Warranty Machines.
 Preparing Annual Maintenance Contracts for Out Of Warranty Units.
 Providing the best & competitive techno commercial proposals as per site requirements.
 Meetings, Discussions & negotiations with customers/Architects
 Providing Load calculations & Layouts for the site.
 Monitoring periodically the progress of the project site and validating various parameters of the units during installation.
 Conducting inspections of newly installed units to customer.
 Providing Annual Maintenance services to the customer.

Sr. Engineer – Project & Service @ LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh, India (Areas Catering – Chandigarh, Punjab, HP, J&K) Key Deliverables:
Nov 2007 — Mar 2009

 Led Installation, commissioning of VRF, Package, Cassette, Ductable & Air Handlig Units.
 Provided after sale services of the Air Conditioning Units and Out Of Warranty Machines all over North India.
 Provided Annual Maintenance Contracts for out of warranty units
 Monitored progress of the project site and validated various parameters of the units during installation.
 Monitored the efficiency of the Dealers/Franchisees and outstanding of the customers.
 Achieved the assigned targets consecutively.
 Inspected the defective parts of the units & replaced the damaged ones.
 Developed new Dealer/Franchisee in the territory.

Executive Engineer - Project & Services @ Voltas Ltd, Tata Group, Chandigarh, India (Areas Catering – Chandigarh, Punjab, HP, J&K)
Mar 2007 — Nov 2007

 Monitored the efficiency of the Dealers/Franchisees and provided after sale services all over Punjab, Himachal, J&K and Chandigarh.
 Analysed various parameters of the units during installation.
 Conducted inspections of newly installed units to customer and provided Annual Maintenance Services to the customer.
 Achieved the assigned targets consecutively and developed new Dealer/Franchisee in the assigned territory.
 Inspected the defective parts of the units & replacing the damaged ones.
 Led Installation, commissioning of the Air cooled, Air conditioning Units.
 Provided after sale services of the Air Conditioning Units.

Executive Engineer - Project, Maintenance & Utilities @ Fortis Hospital, Ranbaxy Promoter Group, Mohali (Pb), India
Aug 2004 — Mar 2007

 Prepared Budgetary proposals for the project after analyzing each & every particulars including material & equipments required.
 Analysed the drawings after taking over the projects & prepared the BOQs accordingly
 Negotiated with different vendors for particular job by preparing comparative as per their quotes submitted
 Prepared the bar charts for individual jobs to be undertaken & conducted regular follow-up according to the target dates.
 Taking care of the utilities that include HVAC system, Fire Fighting systems, Boilers, STP Plants, Gas plant, by proving preventive maintenance as per the schedules.
 Supervising the team of three shift engineers, 24 technicians & 20 other contractual staff.

Major Projects Handled:
 Installation and Testing of MS B-Class Pipe Line 3000 mtrs.(app) in a closed loop through out the hospital (External Ring and Internal Ring) for Fire Fighting System.
 Providing the new Hydrant points as required.
 Installation, Commissioning and Testing of Fire Hydrant Pump, Jockey Pump and DG Pump.
 The air validation, pressures through Hepa & Micro V filters and others maintenance of the HVAC system should be undertaken on regular basis or as per the schedules
 Provision of 150 beded wards, four ICUs & Three OTs
 Providing HVAC supply in these area with the help of central plant through AHUs by considering the type of air flow & +ve & -ve pressure areas
 Provision of brick wall, dry partitions, gyp/false ceiling & painting in that areas
 Provision of plumbing work & RO water through SS pipe line in that areas
 Provision of different gases in these areas through copper pipe line
 Installation, Commissioning and Testing of Air Handling units.
 Provision of 9800 sqmt car parking space.
 Distributing the responsibilities among three shift engineers, 15 technicians and 12 contractual staff members.

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