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Long Haul Truck Driver

In Concord, an LMIA large Haul Truck Driver is in charge of moving cargo large distances, usually between various cities, provinces, or even nations. They drive large trucks and are in charge of making sure the cargo is delivered on schedule and safely. Depending on the employer and the type of goods being delivered, the specific job duties may vary, but in general, they consist of:

ensuring that the vehicle and trailer are in good functioning order by performing pre-trip checks.
putting the right tools and methods to use when loading and securing freight onto the truck.

  • deciding on and carrying out routes based on traffic and delivery schedules.
  • carefully driving the truck and observing all traffic laws and regulations.
  • keeping track of and recording the amount of time spent driving, rest stops, and gasoline used.
  • updating clients on the status of deliveries through communication with dispatchers and customers.
  • doing post-trip inspections and reporting any damage or technical problems.
  • following all corporate rules and regulations, particularly those relating to safety and cargo management.
  • keeping thorough records of mileage, fuel use, and expenditures.

Job Details:

  • Job Location: Concord, ON
  • Salary: CAD25.50 to CAD28.00 Per Hour
  • Job Position: Long Haul Truck Driver
  • Job Type: Full Time, Permanent, Part-Time, 40-60 hours per week
  • Job Category: Driver & Operator
  • Send Your coverletter:
  • Opening: 2


Among a long-haul truck driver’s duties could be:

  • ensuring the cargo’s safe and secure transportation to its final location.
  • observing all relevant laws and rules, such as those governing weight limits and hours of service.
  • putting defensive driving methods into practice and keeping a sharp sense of situational awareness when driving.
  • following the company’s maintenance guidelines and promptly reporting any problems.
  • dealing with clients and other drivers while remaining polite and professional.
  • To reach delivery dates, time management must be successful.
  • coordinating logistics by efficiently communicating with clients, coworkers, and dispatchers.
  • ensuring adherence to border and customs laws when traveling across international boundaries.


Long-haul truck driver qualifications might vary but typically include:

  • A valid CDL with the necessary endorsements is required.
  • clean driving record without any significant traffic infractions or collisions.
  • It would be ideal to have prior experience driving in a long-haul capacity.
  • understanding of and adherence to safety procedures for transportation.
  • physical endurance and the capacity for extended travel.
  • familiarity with heavy-duty truck operation and maintenance.
  • Excellent map-reading and navigational abilities.
  • strong interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • independence and the capacity to make wise decisions when traveling.
  • flexibility to work erratic hours, including on weekends, vacations, and at night.

Salary and Perks per Hour:

The pay for an LMIA long haul truck driver in Concord can change based on the employer, experience level, educational background, type of goods being transported, and other variables. Long-haul truck drivers in Canada may earn between $20 and $30 per hour on average, though pay may vary.

The employer may offer different perks or benefits to long-haul truck drivers. Typical benefits that might be provided include:

  • dental and medical insurance.
  • Contributions to retirement savings programs like 401(k)s or Registered Retirement Savings programs (RRSPs).
  • paid time off, such as sick days and vacation days.
  • incentives or bonuses based on performance.
  • Safety benefits for driving without incidents.
  • travel stipends or compensation for lodging and meals.
  • Possibilities for professional development and supplementary training.
  • employee specials on petrol, auto repairs, or related services.

Please be aware that Concord’s LMIA long haul truck driver compensation and benefits may vary. It is advised to browse nearby job listings or get in touch with possible companies to get the most precise and recent information.

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