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Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers 2023[Job Bank Canada

Currently Sharing: Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers, Canada is offering various employment opportunities to foreign workers. In 2023, there are a number of unskilled jobs available that offer visa sponsorship. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and discover great jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship in 2023!

In Fall 2023, Immigration Program Officers will be holding informative sessions about New Brunswick’s Provincial Immigration Programs in Canada. These programs provide opportunities for people to work as Food Production and Processing/ Fish and Seafood Laborers/ Machine and Process Operators.

Details of Jobs

  • Job Title: Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers
  • Location: Canada
  • Job Kind: Full-Time, Half-Time, Non-permanent, Everlasting, Seasonal
  • No. of Vacancies: 3000+
  • Job Position: Various

This program is exclusive to people who intend to remain or settle in New Brunswick, Canada.

New Brunswick companies are working

People with a background in the hospitality industry in the last five to ten years are eligible to register for the below openings:

  • Apart from repair technicians, net cleaning professionals are also available for service. Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers.
  • Fishing vessel deckhands
  • People who are involved in aquaculture and harvesting aquatic resources require specialized skills that not everyone has. These professionals are responsible for the growth and development of aquatic production and also work to sustain healthy ecosystems.
  • Process control & instrumentation operators, food & beverage processing staff are essential to the successful functioning of businesses in their respective fields. They ensure that all processes are running smoothly and efficiently, while also providing quality assurance.
  • Fish and seafood plant workers, Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers.
  • Food and beverage processing labourers,

People who work in the fish and shellfish processing industry are known as labourers.


The enrollment form is composed of four pages and each page cannot be modified once the NEXT button is clicked. This means all the provided information must be accurate as it progresses to the next page. That being said, it’s important to take your time while filling out the form and double-check that everything is correct before moving on.It is important to double-check all the information you have entered and make sure that all documents have been submitted before clicking on the NEXT button at the end of each page. Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers.

Ensure you have the relevant file formats of .jpg & .pdf versions of the necessary documents ready to upload before beginning. Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers.

  • Experience
  • Your CV / Resume (optional).

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation in your email. However, please note that this does not guarantee that you’ll be invited to participate in the event; as we reserve the right to select who participates without prior notice.

#1:- Urgent Net Cleaning Professional Jobs in Canada

Education: No formal education is needed for this role. Workplace: Mainly airports. Transportation and travel details: Need a valid driver’s license. Conditions of employment and physical abilities: Ability to work under pressure with tight due dates, as well as being physically able to move heavy objects in a physically demanding job.Do you have a keen eye for detail? Are you comfortable with activities like bending, squatting and kneeling? Are you qualified to work in Canada right now? Do you live close to the job location mentioned in the advertisement? Have worked in this sector before? Relevant experience is preferred. Health coverage includes dental plan. The health care strategy offers several financial benefits as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement. Furthermore, it could also provide long-term advantages such as other perks and pension programs. You can apply from link here. Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers.

#2:- Urgent Fishing vessel deckhands Jobs in Canada 2023:

Deckhands are an important part of a fishing vessel. They carry out a range of manual activities and maintain the boat’s condition. Commercial fishing companies and self-employed fishermen hire them to join their crew. You can apply from link here.

  • Fishers must be well-versed in setting up the necessary nets, lines and other supplies used for fishing. Furthermore, they need to know how to run the equipment properly in order to catch the most fish & marine life. They then need to categorize the catch, return protected species back into the water & clean/pack them in ice before transferring them into the storage hold.
  • Taking care of fishing nets, joining ropes and keeping other deck gear in working order are among the repair activities that need to be done.
  • a spotless deck and fish hold
  • When berthing or disembarking a vessel, secure anchors and mooring lines appropriately.
  • Pilots can guide boats to fishing locations for a successful catch.
  • I am capable of preparing and cooking meals for crew members.

#3:- Urgent Aquaculture and aquatic harvest laborers Jobs in Canada 2023:

People employed in aquaculture and marine harvesting roles may include aquaculture helpers, marine plant collectors, shellfish diggers, and other workers involved in these activities. You can apply from link here.

Aquaculture industry employers may include public or private fish hatcheries and commercial aquatic farms. Shellfish collectors & marine plant harvesters may choose to work independently. Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers.

#4:- Urgent Fish and seafood plant workers’ Jobs in Canada

Before moving ahead with promoting and further processing, fish and seafood items need to be cut, cleaned & trimmed. Quality check the products & packaging for any defects or discrepancies. If needed, make necessary amendments to the machinery.Before canning or following processing, it is mandatory to dismantle and remove the meat from lobsters and other crustaceans. The job needs repetitive tasks as a part of its primary requirements and physical abilities are also necessary for this position.Being physically fit and having good eye-hand coordination is a must for this role. You must also be capable of standing for extended periods & willing to work overtime hours if necessary. Dependability is also essential, as is authorization to work in Canada legally. Are you open to moving for this role? We’re offering training and other great benefits like free parking. So if you’re looking for a change of scene, this could be a great opportunity for you! You can apply from link here.

#5:- Urgent Food and beverage processing laborers Jobs in Canada

No formal education is required for this job and the workplace consists of various environmental conditions such as odors, heat/cold, dust, moisture. The specific environment is a fruit and vegetable processing plant where you’ll be required to handle raw and finished goods along with packaging materials. Ensuring precise measurements, ingredients are added to mixers and grinders. Flat boxes are then fed into special machines in order to form containers which are then removed from the conveyor belts once they’re full. Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers.

Manual packing of goods into bags, boxes, and other containers is needed. Machines are to be fed and unloaded for processing purposes. Products and their packaging need to be closely inspected for any fundamental quality errors or imperfections. As a process control and machine operator, I am responsible for ensuring that tasks are carried out properly. I make sure to keep the equipment and work environment clean, adhere to established safety policies, and possess valid transportation via a personal vehicle. Additionally, I am bondable for added security. To work effectively, candidates should possess the ability to handle repetitive tasks, physical dexterity, eye-hand coordination and attention to detail. Standing for long periods of time, bending, squatting and kneeling are expected in this high-paced workplace. You can apply from link here. Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers.

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Please Share These jobs: Canadian Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers is only a platform to bring jobseekers. Applicants are encouraged to investigate the bona fides of the prospective employer individually. We do NOT support any asking for money repayments as well as strictly advise against sharing personal or bank-related information. We additionally advise you to see Protection Guidance to learn more. If you presume any kind of fraud or malpractice, direct contact us or email us at Check Our Privacy policy.

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